Proudly Introducing 2 Friends of Dental Assistant to our Dental Assistant customers,
"Authentik Tours Vietnam" (English and French speaking) and "King Motorbike Tours", central Vietnam
Amongs the dozens of tour operators, these stand out for great service and interest factor.

"Authentik" is as the name suggests, trying to give you a true Vietnam experience, but in the comfort of your own private car or mini-bus with a driver.

Many dental customers need a custom schedule to fit in with their dental work, hence we have the perfect company that works in well with our customers needs. They will communicate with the dentists to get you back safely and in time for your next appointment.

When you consider the convenience, minimal cost and the freedom you have apart from a large tour group, we are sure you will be glad you chose this option.

Save money and book directly!

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How adventurous are you?

How about hitting the highlands in middle Vietnam (somewhere near 'Middle-Earth') on a motorbike with a

guide. Pilot your own bike or drive yourself. Ive done it, loved it, going back again.

Save money and book directly!

  • Mr Vuong has been operating King Tours out of central Vietnam for 6 years, and has just expanded his motorbike collection to suit every style and budget.
  • He will take you to the beautiful Highlands up to Hanoi or guide you down to Saigon.

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