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CLICK the link to see how TEETH WHITENING is done in one of our Saigon clinics

There are 2 main types -take home kits which take a period of weeks, or laser lightening (which is actually a blue light that reacts with the chemical)

The advantage of in-clinic laser whitening is that your teeth can be noticeably whitened within 1 hour. In the laser tooth whitening process, a rubber dam is placed on the teeth to guard the gums and a whitening product is painted on the teeth and then laser light is focused on the chemical to stimulate to change the color of the teeth.

The gel activated by light used in the laser teeth bleaching procedure was developed after many years of research. The formula of the gel is scientifically done with the help of hydrogen peroxide, which is ph-balanced. When the gel is activated by light, it penetrates the teeth removing the deep discoloration and stains.

A take-home laser teeth whitening procedure is also available, which works the same way as the laser teeth whitening techniques except for the fact that it needs to be worked on for a longer time.

Laser teeth whitening procedure is more or less a spa procedure. When the procedure takes places the machine used to perform the procedure allows the person to relax on a comfortable chair. But unfortunately, it is not for every one and anyone, as the dentist needs to check the dental health of the person before getting into the procedure. And some people complain of increased tooth sensitivity for a few days after laser cleaning.

TAKES ~ 2hrs

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