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Assisting Foreigners with Dental Treatment in Vietnam, A Free Dental Introduction Service by Australians, helping select the Best Clinic for your requirements

Hi!- We are the Dental Assistant Vietnam Team
We are Australians helping foreigners with dental work, operating in Saigon.

From meeting and helping many patients, and meeting and interviewing dozens of Drs, we have accumulated a wealth of information we can share with you.
But First- please help us help you, by sharing your dental requirements.
We can then help you select the most suitable Dr and clinic for your needs.

Of course we wont share your info, and you can choose whichever Dr you like in the end, its all up to you.


About Yourself:

What Factors Are Most Important To You With this Dental Work?

What procedures do you require?

Do You Need Accommodation near clinic?

* For a more precise quote- Please Attach X-ray of Jaw (needed for complicated surgery or implants) :
You can request an OPG from your hospital which is panoramic X-ray of your jaw and teeth.
Then they, or you can forward the image file to us -
If you have the hard copy of the X-rays , you can hold up the X-ray to the light and send a clear focused photo, but a digital file would be better.