"Teeth Whitened at Nha Khoa 2000 yesterday.."

" my teeth are now a whole lot whiter than they were without being glowing beacons of unnatural neon white :) so all in all I am happy with the result! 

Firstly they checked my teeth, recommended a clean as well as the whitening I requested seeing as it had been more than 6 months. They told me the price up front & I could choose, (special ~ $100) Check up dentist very professional, and clear.

Then a receptionist took me up to next stage for clean & explains that you will go here for the clean & then to different level for whitening. Cleaning was good, professional, & the feel of it was clean etc

Whitening I had to wait for 5-10 mins, dentist was good, I think his name was Anh Hoa? I’ve never had my teeth whitened before so I have nothing to compare it to? But there was nothing that happened to freak me out :)They made a mold of my teeth and gave me home whitening kit at reception & I walked out happy”

 Ms J.C Sydney Aus

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