Dental Assistant Vietnam

Dental Assistant Vietnam
We are introducing foreigners to a selected group of the Best Dental Clinics in Saigon. As locals here familiar with the needs of foreigners, Dental Assistant has selected the most Experienced, Hygienic and Affordable Drs you can trust with your health.
We listen to your requirements and budget, and advise accordingly.
Exotic location, friendly people and professional services at an affordable price. Vietnam has become the Savvy Shoppers paradise. 
This country will surprise you with what it has to offer. Recent years have seen the growth of highly modernised surgeries especially in the Dental field competing successfully with Thailand's longstanding reputation as the place for affordable dental.
We feel this is a real valuable service which we are proud to offer our friends and clients. 
Clinics with modern equipment and highly skilled and often foreign trained doctors, are performing excellent levels of work equal to their Western counterparts. 
Dental Assistant Vietnam has taken great care to find only the best doctors that are trained to follow the highest international standards in Surgery, Dental Implants and Dental Hygiene, while living expenses and cheaper operating costs in Vietnam allow them to perform the surgery for a fraction of the cost. 
Cheaper doesn't always necessarily mean lower quality work, but sometimes less convenient location or level of English.
(Though, very cheap clinics that cater to the poor, often use cheaper materials from China, with less experienced Drs)
We personally visit each clinic we work with, to make sure of their standards and treatment methods, if the clinic doesn't continue to measure up to good standards, then we will remove them from our service.

We provide: 

  • Advice on suitable Drs for your condition,
  • Dental quotes and bookings,
  • Hotel and Travel advice, tour guides, car hire
  • and Emergency Dental Assistance. 
For those facing skyhigh, unjustifiable dental costs in Australia, 
believe that Dental Assistant can help you to get the highest quality of dental work done, while at the same time enjoying the beauty of Vietnam. 
Dental Assistant Vietnam will help your trip to the dentist to be not so painful.
 In fact, we think you might even enjoy it! 
Let us share one of many positive experiences :
"After visiting a dentist in Australia and spending $800 for 2 fillings and one temp filling. I was quoted $5000 to fix the remaining problems.
Talking to Dave at Dental Assistant Vietnam, I decided to see what they could do.
I was surprised to see the facilities in the dentist to be better than mine in Australia. 

I had- 1 root canal, 3 fillings, 2 Swiss ceramic crowns, 1 ceramic inlay  including X-rays. 
Total cost came to $823 AUD. Dental recommendations and info.
For the same treatment in Australia I would have paid over $5000.
I would have no hesitation recommending dental treatment with this dentist to anyone. 
Thanks Dave and Lean for your help in getting this arranged for me."  
-Ashley M. Geraldton, Australia. 
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