(English / French)

Implant Prosthetics

DDS Paris, France 1988

Postgraduate Endodontics 1990 & Periodontics 1991



(English / French)

Surgery & 0cclusodontie

DDS Paris, France 1983

Postgraduate in Occlusodontie Nice - France 1998

Postgraduate in Medical Laser - Bordeaux – 2015


Dr LE DINH THAO- General Practice & Pedodontics (children)

(English / Vietnamese) DDS Ho Chi Minh City

Dr DAU THE THAI HA- General Practice & Cosmetic Dentistry

(English / Vietnamese)

DDS Ho Chi Minh City 7





(English / Thai)


DDS , Chulaionglongkorn University 1991

Masters of Sciences in Orthodontics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, U.S.A.




(English / French / Vietnamese)

DDS Ho Chi Minh City

Certificate in Orthodontics - University of HCM

Post University Orthodontics clinical program (2006 to 2008)

Postgraduate in Orthodontics Roth/Williams Center USA (2009 to 2011)




DDS Ho Chi Minh City

(English / Vietnamese)

Certificate in Orthodontics.

Post University Orthodontics clinical program (2006 to 2008)

Postgraduate in Orthodontics Roth/Williams Center USA (2009 to 2011)

Thao Dien District 2

This is the 4th clinic under Dr Phillipe's management and he has 18 yrs of experience in Vietnam and over 25 years as a Dentist.

Anybody familiar with good dental in Ho Chi Minh City has heard of this well-renowned Dr. Who regularly travels and trains overseas to share and enhance his skills.

Completely new, specialized equipment from Europe, and a dedication to the latest techniques equal to the best clinics in the world. 

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Welcome to the New addition to the famous Starlight Clinic in Saigon. Now in An Phu District, Thao Dien Area.

French Director, Dr Phillipe is proud to offer his skills and that of carefully selected Drs to dental tourists and foreigners living in Vietnam.

"Our selected Dental Professionals with post-graduate degree in all areas,have the knowledge, ability , experience and are well-known in their fields. They utilize leading—edge technologies and listen carefully to our patients. Working together, you and our dentists can choose the treatment options that best meets your needs."


"Let Us Tell You about Our Specialized Implant Surgery"      Dr Phillipe, Starlight Dental


 "Starlight dental implants are basically sophisticated screws made of a medically pure metal, Titanium. 

These screws are then placed in the jaw bone and rest under the gum for 3 - 6 months. During this time they actually fuse to the jawbone and become osseo(bone)integrated. After the appropriate healing time, we uncover the implants and use them to replace one or more missing teeth by fabricating some sort of dental prosthesis.

I understand implants originated in Sweden? Is there a difference between the different implant manufacturers? 

Today, there are numerous implant companies in use on a daily basis. Originally all dental implants are produced in USA and Europe. Now many implants are made in Asia (Korea…)..These implants are usually cheaper but don’t have all scientific studies research and long term feedback and these implant are now widely use in all south east asia. But all implants in use in the United States are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and must meet very stringent requirements . Since 1998, Starlight Dental Clinic use only Biomet 3i implants, made in USA and leading implant in USA. 
What are implants made of?

Implants are made of commercially and medically pure Titanium. This is the same metal that has been successfully used in hip implants for many years. It is inert and is not known to cause any type of rejection phenomenon. Biomet 3i implants have also sophisticate surface to allow optimal bone contact.

How complicated is the surgery? 

Implant surgery is done in two stages. The first stage involves the placement of the implants into the available jaw bone. This is most commonly done with just local anesthesia. It is complicated only in the sense that the surgery requires great precision. Every attempt is made to insure success.

Our Starlight dedicate room for implant surgery is set up similar to an operating room, the equipment thoroughly sterilized and the most modern techniques utilized. Minimal postoperative discomfort is usually noticed.

You will be given the appropriated antibiotics and analgesics just as a precaution. Very definitive postoperative instruction will be given to you at the time of surgery. If you follow the guidelines, everything should proceed without a hitch.

Can implants be rejected?

No! They are made of an inert metal which has no history of rejection by the body.They are not a living organ such as the lung or liver and therefore there is no rejection phenomenon. If failure should occur, and this is only a remote possibility, it is mechanical in nature and not due to rejection by the body. Depending on the source you read, implants are anywhere from 85-95 percent successful depending upon certain factors such as implant location, amount and quality of bone, your health condition etc. These factors will be evaluated before we place your implants

What types of restorations can be placed on implants? 

The answer to this question depends upon your treatment objectives. This can vary from simple removable prostheses, using the implants for retention , to totally implant supported fixed porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges. Implant bridges can be either removable or fixed (not removable) depending upon the number of implants.

Will I be able to chew and function normally? 

Yes. Once your implants have integrated, you will be able to function normally without any unusual sensations. Your chewing ability will really depend upon the type of prosthesis you have chosen.

How long is the entire implant process? 

Dental implants take approximately 3-4 months in the lower jaw and 5 to 6 months in the upper to integrate. Once integrated, it takes several visits to complete the restoration depending upon the complexity.

What is the cost?

The cost of implant dentistry is based upon a combination of the surgical phase and the prosthetic phase. Your total treatment fee will depend upon the number of implants and the complexity of your final restoration."

Starlight Veneers:

Dental porcelain veneers can be installed in about a week.
Porcelain veneers can give you a much better smile in only a few days!

We will start by removing about 0.5 mm to 1mm from the thickness of your teeth . Once your teeth have been reduced, we will make a impression of your teeth. That impression will be sent to our laboratory and will be used to create your veneers.
As soon as your veneers are back from our laboratory, they are ready to be applied!

We will use a special cement and a beam of light to adhere your veneers to your natural teeth. And, since that cement is so strong, it can actually keep bacteria at bay. The cement will not allow bacteria to get in between your veneers and your teeth – meaning that you will not have to worry about tooth decay forming underneath
Dental porcelain veneers are designed to look and feel just like your normal teeth.
If they are applied correctly, no one will even know you have them! 
If you just have one tooth that has a cosmetic flaw, you can get a single veneer. Or, if you just want to put veneers on a couple of teeth, you can do that, too. Since they look and feel like your natural teeth, a single veneer will not stick out
Dental porcelain veneers cannot be repaired.
If one breaks, your cosmetic dentist will have to get a new one made for you. That’s why it is so important to be careful with them. If you have veneers, you should not chew on ice, bite your fingernails, or grind your teeth. Doing so can make your veneers crack or chip.