"We have assembled a dedicated group of qualified professionals with years of experience to provide great service and quality work."

-Dental Implantologists: 

  • Dr.Viet Hung Pham,
  • Dr.Hieu Tung Nguyen,
  • Dr.Minh Cuong Pham,
  • Dr.Bao Ngoc Nguyen

-Dental cosmetic and preventative surgeons:

  • Dr.Ngoc Duyen Luong,
  • Dr.Thuy Quynh Nguyen,
  • Dr.Cam Tu Le


"We do our best to make our patients satisfied"

District 1, 20 min taxi from city centre

Why AVA?

AVA has expanded and opened their 2nd clinic to even better serve the needs of their customers.

"AVA Dental Centre can provide you with a full range of treatments to augment and improve your mouth and jaw. Modern cosmetic dentistry can easily provide you with the smile you have always wanted but never got around to having done.

Your personal confidence can be boosted with a simple visit to us. Unattractive discoloured, crooked or missing teeth can be changed, replaced, and enhanced. Often this can be achieved without discomfort in only one or two visits."

All the dentists at AVA Dental Centre regularly attend courses in the latest cosmetic dental techniques so they can continue to provide the very best in this fast changing field.

"We welcome any enquiries as to the qualifications and experience of our Drs. AVA Dental Center offers a 'one-stop' solution to all dental requirements as we are able to offer an absolute comprehensive treatment list".

Dr Ngoc



-Cosmetic dental implants

-General dentistry,


 -Periodontics (gum treatment),

 -Endodontics (root canal treatments),

 -Oral Hygiene treatment

-Swiss ceramic Crowns all have a 7-10 year warranty with certificate

SPECIALISING IN -Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry




Dr Hung

Dr Hung

Dr Hung dental clinic