Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Dental
Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Dental

- our Free Service includes: (chúng tôi cung cấp miễn phí:)

  • Information directly from clinic about your treatment (thông tin bằng tiếng Việt)
  • Your Dental quote (báo giá)
  • Suggestion for best clinic based on your needs on request
  • Dental Booking and confirmation form sent to you (phiếu đặt hẹn)
  • Hotel and Travel advice. (lời khuyên về khách sạn)

we also provide additional services at reasonable cost:

  •  Tour bookings
  • Private Tour Guide in city
  • Private car hire with driver

-Vietnam is up to date with the latest in procedures and training at all the top clinics, training by many of the drs in the best clinics is completed in Aus, USA or Europe. Research shows that the average cost of Dental work in Vietnam is on average 20% cheaper than Thailand.

Safe, skilled and cheap.

If you want a good job done for the best price, than Vietnam is prime location for you

-Exotic location, friendly people and professional services at an affordable price Vietnam has become the Savy Shopper's paradise. This country will surprise you with what it has to offer.
Recent years have seen the growth of highly modernised dental surgeries, These dentists Catering for foreigners and wealthy Vietnamese.

We feel this is a an intelligent option for dental treatment, which we are proud to offer our friends, family and clients.
Clinics with only the best equipment from Europe, USA and highly skilled and often foreign trained doctors are performing excellent levels of work equal to or sometimes better than you'll find at home.

- Dental Assístant có thể được sự dụng khi bạn cần biết nha khoa nào là tốt nhất và theo những tiêu chuẩn cao cấp và vẫn còn tiết kiệm tiền.)

Chúng tôi là người Úc và đã xem trước tiếp những nha khoa chúng tôi quảng cao.

Chúng tôi tin cại chắc rằng các nha khoa trong trang web này có thể làm tốt bằng bất cú nha khoa nào ở nuốc ngoài.

Rất hân hạnh có thể giới thiều những nha sỹ này với các bạn.
chúng tôi cung cấp dịch vu này miễn phí cho khách.

  1. Choose your Dentist, (or send a request form for us to help you select the best for you)
  2. Request a quote
  3. Make a booking through booking page
  4. Come to Vietnam, your New Teeth are waiting for you!


A written dental plan from a dentist is the most effective means of gaining an accurate quote, however for cosmetic work it is possible to work without one.
Digital images: 

For front teeth: Have your upper and lower teeth just touching and then smile. This action gives us an excellent view of your teeth in an occluded position. Then Place the thumbs  under each side of your upper lip and pull up to reveal teeth and gum's. Repeat for lower.
For rear teeth: Hold camera at around 45 degrees to your lower or upper palette and around 12 inches or 30 cm from your mouth. Outside in natural light tends to give the best result. Feel free to send us as many image as you like...the more the merrier. 

Tip:   Do A selfie!  With mouth open of course...
Emailing X-rays

X-rays are essential when planning major dental work but getting a copy from your local dentist can be a bit like wrestling jelly. Your punishment for daring to go elsewhere. Patients should be aware that they have paid for those X-rays and that they are quite within their rights to request the hard copy. Modern clinics should also have these records in file format that can be emailed. 

If you have your X-ray as a hard copy there are two effective methods to get them to us and neither of them include scanning. 
Method 1
Hold X-ray in front of a florescent light and simply take a picture with a digital camera making sure the camera flash is off . Upload it to your computer Then attach to email and send.
Method 2
Place or tape the X-Ray onto your computer monitor making sure you have a white background (blank word document is ideal)

Darken the room.

Take an image with a digital camera or web cam and attach to an email making sure the flash is off.This gives a much better result than scanning which tends to give a result that is too dark.

*Dental Implants. If you cannot supply us with X-rays and CT scans, then we strongly advise patients to first seek a local dentists opinion as to your suitability for dental implants. Otherwise you risk being diagnosed as an unsuitable for dental implants after arriving here.